September 15, 1944

• B.P. Hunter has been busy this week moving his stock of dry goods and shoes from the old location to the new building he recently purchased from S.J. Peterson, on the old hotel corner, where he will conduct an exclusive dry goods and shoe store. The old location will be converted into a supermarket and will be used exclusively for a grocery and market by Mr. Hunter.

• Clarence Garrison of Maryville has purchased the Standard Oil service station from William J. Graves and took possession of the business on Tuesday of this week.

• Lieut. Clarence E. Coggins of Poteau, Oklahoma, was responsible for the capture of 1,000 Germans. Whilst a prisoner, he convinced the Nazis that they were trapped and they surrendered.

September 18, 1969

• Newly elected student council members at Fairfax High School include: Nancy Jones, secretary; Suzanne Davis, vice-president; Jack Graves, president; Jerry Walker, Mike Whittington, Jeanette Swackhamer, Joni Lawrence, Joan Jones, Billy Hawkins, Jay Smith, Gail Seymour, Rita Hawkins, and Ruth Payton.

• The Community Betterment judging team was in Fairfax early Wednesday morning for an on-site assessment of accomplishments of the past year. The group visited the shelter house built in the city park this year, the new wing of the hospital, and stopped at the community room at Fair Haven housing for a coffee break and to hear reports on different aspects of the Community Betterment program in Fairfax.

September 15, 1994

• Dean Wiley of Fairfax retired last week as manager of the local MFA Agri Service after 30 years with MFA. Gerald Wheeler of Elmo became the new manager on September 1. He comes with 24 1/2 years of experience with MFA Exchange at Burlington Junction.

• Over the Backfence by Nancy Gaines: “The Bulldogs are on a roll. Won the first two football games. Friday night the Bulldogs will be playing their first home game.”