September 29, 1944

• The Seymour brothers started two mechanical pickers on their 800 acres of hybrid seed corn this week and the yield promises to be unusually heavy. Ralph Seymour brought three sample ears to The Forum office Friday. They measured 11 3/4, 12, and 12 1/2 inches in length and were large in circumference and well filled out, also showing remarkable solidness for this early in the season.

• Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Hayden went to Lima, Ohio, Friday and will return this week with a new school bus for the Fairfax School District. The bus was made in Lima.

October 2, 1969

• Early this week, the Fairfax Community Hospital had only one bed available for incoming patients. This condition existed in spite of recent opening of a new wing. Further remodeling in the older part of the hospital has necessitated closing three patient rooms for a period of time, but these will be available as soon as the project is finished. When completed, 80 beds will be available.

• Reverend Lloyd Morgan, Bolivar, brother of Mrs. Beulah McClasky, had the unique honor of being assisted by the famed comedian, Bob Hope, in funeral services for a member of his congregation, recently. The deceased had been employed by Mr. Hope for nine years and because of his admiration for her, Mr. Hope presented the eulogy.

• Familiar faces have been added to the roster at Fairfax R-3 in the personalities herewith. Joyce Hedrick holds the secretarial position for Principal Jerre Holloway, vacated by Mrs. Francis Davis. Phil Close has returned home for his first teaching assignment following graduation from Maryville State College. He is football coach, supervises physical education, and teaches driver training courses. Both Joyce and Phil are graduates of Fairfax school.

September 29, 1994

• The Fairfax Marching Bulldog Band traveled to Shenandoah, Iowa, Saturday morning for their first parade competition of the year. They came home with a first across the board: first in its category and first overall bands (there were 12 bands).

  Bits & Wits by Uncle Fud: “Most people in this area got a fair taste of fall. Temperatures were reported of 35 degrees and frost. The next question: was it in the light or dark of the moon? Was it a killing frost or just a warning? According to the Farmers Almanac we will be in the dark of the moon until October 4.”