Ryan Meyerkorth of Rock Port, Missouri, was recently elected to the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council board of directors. Meyerkorth began his volunteer service to corn farmers effective October 1.

“As a farmer, I understand the process of growing corn. By joining the Missouri Corn Board, I hope to better understand the process of what happens once corn leaves the farm and what we can do to make that process better,” noted Meyerkorth. “It is important for all growers to become involved so we can ensure our voices are heard and all farmers’ needs are being adequately met.”

Meyerkorth replaces Jason Hull of Skidmore, Missouri, on the MCMC board of directors. He will be nominated to the Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA) board at the organization’s annual meeting in January.

“It is great to welcome new growers to the board,” said incoming MCMC Chairman Greg Schneider of Warrenton. “It’s important the voice of the farmer be heard, whether we’re talking with consumers, end users, or those making decisions impacting our farms. Ryan will be a strong voice for corn growers in northwest Missouri.”

The MCMC board of directors is comprised of 14 farmers elected from across the state. This volunteer board was formed in 1984 with the passage of a corn checkoff and is dedicated to market development, research, and education. To learn more, visit www.mocorn.org.