The Rock Port R-II School Board of Education held a regular meeting September 12, 2019. Board members present were Jeremy Davis, Afton Schomburg, Ken Miller, Harold Lawrence, and Clay Vogler. Members Rich Dewhirst and Dan Lucas were absent. Also in attendance were Superintendent Ethan Sickels, High School Principal Donnie Parsons, Elementary Principal Steve Waigand, and Board Secretary Debbie Young.

The agenda was adopted and the minutes of the tax rate hearing and regular meeting of August 15, 2019 were approved. Mr. Sickels reviewed the financial information for the month ending August 2019. The transfer of funds, August final check register, September check register to date, and the activity account checks were approved. Mr. Sickels read a thank you notes from Jim Skillen and Jan Burke, and presented the monthly OPAA newsletter.

Mr. Waigand reported elementary attendance for August was 98.35%. There are 183 students enrolled in kindergarten through 6th grade, 15 enrolled in full day preschool, and 10 in half day preschool. The first Energy Bus Rally of the year was held September 3. Dyslexia screenings for grades 1 – 3 have been completed, and Mrs. Mertens and Mrs. Spiegel have reviewed the results with the classroom teachers. “Back to School Night” was held August 22; a special thank you to the Rock Port Rotary Club for serving a delicious meal. The Backpack Buddies Program will be starting September 6, and we thank Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Hays for organizing and distributing the weekly food packs. Chef Gina from Missouri Extension will be here to visit with preschool through third grade weekly through October. Deputy Sons, through an extension of the DARE program, is once again visiting preschool, first and third grade classrooms. Upcoming dates and activities, staff professional development, and the final copy of the daily schedule were reviewed.

Mr. Parsons reviewed several upcoming dates and activities. There are 153 students enrolled in grades 7 – 12. Attendance was not available due to issues with PowerSchool. Mrs. Farmer is working with them to fix the problem and the figures will be reported at a later date. An early Homecoming required a few adjustments, but the week was a success. MAP and EOC data is still embargoed, but preliminary numbers are encouraging. It is hoped to have a report available for the October meeting. The final class schedule and enrollment numbers were reviewed. Classroom reports were received from Mr. Skillen, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Gaines, Mr. Hendrickson, Mrs. Goins, Mrs. Rueckert, Mrs. Herron, and Mr. Herron.

Mr. Sickels presented the monthly program evaluations for Preschool, Business/Computer Technology, Family Consumer Sciences, and Vocational Agriculture. He reported on the stadium and pending insurance claim on the flood clean-up. Mr. Sickels discussed the recent donation from the Curnutt Trust. The new statutory board training requirements were also discussed.

Under board reports Ken Miller presented a new financial report template for the monthly report.

The board then proceeded to address several items of new business. Action was taken to approve the 2019-2020 bus routes, to approve the 2019-2020 ACES agreement, to approve administering the ACT test to the junior class for a three year period, and to approve the bid from Gary Davis for additional concrete repairs at the stadium. Consideration was given to the formation of a football stadium steering committee. Following a brief discussion the matter was tabled to October. Consideration was given to bidding of the district banking. Following a brief discussion it was determined that Mr. Sickels will begin gathering the information for the RFP and the board will review it in the spring. Consideration was given to the TABS committee meeting appointments with board members volunteering to attend each meeting. Consideration was given to board policy and regulation updates with action taken to adopt policies 2760, 0370, 1210, 1425, 1430, 2200, 2230, 2710, 2742, 3470, 4120, 4411, 4540, and 7210; and regulations 1210 and 4411. Action was taken to accept the resignation of Jordan Duran as an elementary para-professional, and to approve the employment of Emily Kohout and Katarina Robertson to fill the elementary para-professional vacancies. Following a brief discussion of future business items the meeting was adjourned.