Tarkio Tech president John Davis gave tours of the welding lab to the group of visitors. Currently they have eight stations set up. The next step is to get them wired and operational. Each booth has a self cleaning air handler.

The plumbing lab is still a work in progress as Tarkio Tech president John Davis explains plans for the space.

On November 14, 2019, the board of Tarkio Tech invited area businesses, along with local and state leaders, to visit the campus and take a tour of the progress that has been make.

As everyone arrived they were given a tour of the new welding lab, the soon-to-be plumbing lab and wind energy lab. John Davis, board president, was guiding the tours. During the tour, there were a lot of questions asked and John was able to lay out the future plans and goals of Tarkio Tech.

Currently, they are focusing on three main areas of education, welding, plumbing and wind, but they are working with area schools and businesses to try and help them meet their goals. Future plans will be to offer academic help for those students looking to attend a four year college and/or university. They are at the beginning stages of application to the State of Missouri to be able to offer courses in emergency management. Other areas of interest include electronics, manufacturing, electricians, health science and diesel mechanics.

Student recruitment has begun for the January and August 2020 section, targeting both traditional and non-traditional students. The goal is to have 10 students in each program in January and 12 in August.

How can you help? Currently, there are two ways to assist. First is the Founders Fund Pledge and second is the Partnership Pledge, which is a monthly contribution that can be made. If either one interests you, please contact John Davis at 660-623-9071 for more information.