Sophia Martin was absolutely hilarious as Cat in the Hat and those who were unable to make it to the show not only missed out on a lot of laughs thanks to Sophia, but also her British accent.

Horton the Elephant’s big heart had him not only protecting the Whos, but also Mayzie’s egg. Seth Morey did a fantastic job of portraying the humble Horton.

Yertle the Turtle (Anna Klute) presided over the hearing to determine Horton’s sanity in hearing the Whos.

Haley Garrison played the Sour Kangaroo, who was one of many who judged Horton crazy for hearing the Whos, but eventually changed her mind when she, too, could hear them. 

Gertrude McFuzz, portrayed by Jae Barnett, who is madly in love with Horton, was so happy to increase her one-feathered tail to a beautiful plume, until she could no longer fly.

Though Jojo’s parents, the Mayor of Whoville and his wife, thought their son had a “thinking” problem which constantly got him into trouble, Jojo (played by Aaron Schlueter), just had a huge imagination and a kind, lonely heart.

The Wickersham Brothers, from left to right, Justin Stanton, Hunter Bennett, Tyler Donaldson, and Kayden Levendahl, had people cracking up at their antics.

Mayzie La Bird’s selfishness had Horton stuck in a nest guarding Mayzie’s egg, but Bryli Staten’s perfect performance had the audience liking her anyway.

Adding to the feathered flock were Bird Girl/Vlad Vladikoff Dixie Hendrix, Bird Girl/Yertle the Turtle Anna Klute, Bird Girl Brianna Smith, Bird Girl/The Grinch Harley Caudill, and Bird Girl Raelynn Gish.

“Seussical the Musical” of course wouldn’t have been the same without Thing 1 (Stormy Nordhausen) and Thing 2 (Katie Hall).