February 16, 1945

• N.F. Dragooo has one of the most interesting and highly prized Lincoln relics that has been shown here. It is a campaign button worn by Lincoln supporters during the first race Honest Abe made for the presidency in 1860. It is made of bronze, with Lincoln’s picture on one side and the picture of Hamilton Hamlin, candidate for vice president, on the other.

• Louis Bell has purchased the property which was owned by Wm. Sly and Mrs. R.W. Holt, located just southeast of the school building, that has been occupied of late by the Tom Franklin family. Mr. Bell also recently purchased 320 acres of land just south of Daleview school.

February 19, 1970

• The United States Postal Service is implementing a new order making home delivery services available for the first time to four million Americans. Affected are those postal customers living more than a quarter mile away from the post office and less than half a mile away. Fairfax Postmaster Doyne Swan explained, “Approximately 100 families in the north and east sections of Fairfax will be eligible for home delivery.”

• A public spirited citizen treated 18 Fairfax Volunteer Firemen to a fish supper Friday evening, February 6, in appreciation of the services rendered by the firemen.

February 16, 1995

• Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Howard of Wasco, California, former residents of Fairfax, Missouri, recently received citizens achievement awards. Helen was honored for Lifetime Achievement as a devoted member of the Wasco Planning Commmision, Wasco Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, Festival of Roses, Wasco Woman’s Club and other groups; as well as being a well-known artist with her paintings having won many awards. C.J. was named “Businessman of the Year” having introduced or invented many gadgets involving the baling of hay and designed a contraption that improved the efficiency of irrigation.

• A committee of 11 members met at the Fairfax High School to discuss the possibilities of raising the requirements for graduation at Fairfax R-3.