Tenley Peshek holds a special find discovered by her father, Daron, along the Missouri River. The treasure was a message in a bottle thrown into the river 37 years ago, 72 miles from where it was found.

In 1983, William Desh of Omaha, Nebraska, threw a bottle into the Missouri River. In the bottle, he had put in a poem, his address, an old dime, and a 20 cent stamp for the eventual finder to send it back to him. Most “messages in a bottle” go unfound, but this one was one of the lucky ones. Unbelievably, it was discovered 37 years later, 72 miles southeast by a man from Rock Port, Missouri.

Daron Peshek was walking close to the Missouri River in Atchison County March 26, 2020, looking for shed antlers when he noticed green bottles in some trees. Daron’s daughter, Tenley, has been collecting green glass bottles for around three years. She picks them up every time she sees one and now has about 12. So, when Daron saw the bottles, he went over to pick them up and noticed that one of the bottles was sealed with a note inside. Daron took it home and opened it to find the note, stamp, and dime that Desh had added to the bottle and tossed into the river in 1983. The note said: “Worken one night, drinken some wine. Got kinda silly, half out of our mines. Put a note in a bottle, through in a dime. Hopen and wishen for more good times. If you and a lady or a lady and man. Have ever drank wine, Help yourself to the dime and [illegible words] the time and the stamp. Send to . . . William L. Desh, 2751 N 45th Ave., Omaha, Ne 68104. Broon and the Bull. You and me in ‘83.’ You and me and one more in ‘84.’ Jeeps HD Motor Cycles [illegible words].” The notes also had a drawing of a bull on the page.

Gina Peshek, Daron’s wife and Tenley’s mom, said, “I got on Facebook to see if I could find anyone by that name and sure enough I did. Not only that, but we also had a mutual friend in common! I posted the story about the message in the bottle on Facebook and also sent messages to William and our mutual friend. Sure enough, she was related to him. I began talking with a couple of his family members that she was able to help me connect with and waited for William’s response.

“On the afternoon of Friday, March 27, William responded! William said that this is such a magical moment in time and the good Lord works in mysterious ways! He said he is blown away by this! He didn’t think he would ever see that bottle or note again, let alone actually hear back from someone, and then on top of that . . . someone who knew a family member of his. In 1983, he was 31 and working in a print shop in Omaha. He got off of work late so he and a lady friend drove his jeep down to a park north of downtown Omaha to share this bottle of wine. After they finished the wine, they wrote the note and sealed it in the bottle, then tossed it into the river in hopes it would find them again some time. He said this was the only time he ever put a note in a bottle and threw it into the river. He still knows the lady to this day and actually went to visit her on Friday evening after finding out the bottle was found. Her nickname was Broon and his was The Bull so that explains the reference.”

This bottle not only safely traveled over 70 miles down the Missouri River, but survived several floods as well. Gina remarked, “It is nothing short of amazing to see this come full circle! I am blown away how this all came to be. It couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time with everything that is currently going on in the world. This is definitely a feel good moment that makes a person realize how connected we really all are. The fact that this was found is amazing, but to actually be able to find the person who sent the note so many years later is mind blowing. Social media may have its downfalls, but it can also be something great that keeps us all connected. This is proof that there is light, even in the darkest of times!”

This is one of the notes the Peshek family found in the bottle.