Locals have formed a new organization called ATCO 102, hoping to help support organizations who do good deeds in the county. In normal circumstances, individuals donate to causes close to their heart, but sometimes it takes a long time for those causes to be completed with just a few individuals donating at a time. For this organization, the concept is simple, but makes a bigger impact. The mission is to reach out and help our community by finding 100 or more individuals to each contribute $100 four times a year to give $40,000+ annually to local community efforts. The idea is to keep it local and have an impact that all can see in our community. ATCO 10² is not affiliated with any type of larger organization. Donations are made directly from its members to member-chosen efforts. There are no administration fees.

ATCO 102 meets four times a year, once a quarter. The donations will be given to local charities, non-profits, and worthy causes serving the county. All charities and organizations up for consideration must be in Atchison County. No national charities will be considered unless the funds will directly impact Atchison County. Nominations may only be made by an ATCO 10² member. In doing so, that member is responsible for gathering information about the cause and presenting on its behalf if chosen. The requests of those charities and organizations are put into a computer, with the computer randomly selecting three. Then, the group votes for one to help. A $10,000 donation will be made to an organization in the area in the first and third quarters. In the second and fourth quarters, there will be three mini donations made, one to an organization in the Rock Port School District area, one in the Tarkio School District area, and one in the Fairfax School District area. All present members are expected to make their $100 donation (in the form of a check) to the chosen entity immediately following the quarterly vote. (Partner members will write a check for a combined total of $100.) If you are unable to attend, checks should be mailed promptly (within 10 days) to the chosen organization. An email will be sent to all members with the organization’s mailing address following the quarterly meeting.

The ATCO 102 kick-off meeting will be held Thursday, July 9, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Fairfax Park shelter house. Members may join as individuals, as a couple, or team up with another household. But together as a whole, the good deeds completed in this area will be tremendous! To learn more, visit the ATCO 102 Facebook page, contact Mike and Robin Lewis (Fairfax), Jeff and Jennifer Geib (Rock Port), or Mark and Lori Staten (Tarkio), or go to https://forms.gle/cgdpSHA3Dbjsdcm76.