Fairfax Kiwanis Club Corn Yield Contest winners were recently recognized. Winners, from left to right, include: front row – Jasey Smith, 2nd; Gena Mitchell, 6th; Kierra McDaniels, 3rd; and Aleesha Lemar, instructor; and back row – Dr. Jeremy Burright, School Superintendent and Kiwanis president; Braden Graves, 7th; Cameron Oswald, 4th; Josh Smith, 1st; and Natalie Hedlund, 5th.

The Fairfax Kiwanis Club’s annual Corn Yield Contest – 2020 was held with the Fairfax FFA Chapter last October, 2020. The winners were recently honored with a lunch and special recognition at the regular Kiwanis meeting, Tuesday, February 2, at the Fairfax United Methodist Church. The students were present via Zoom following all enjoying an all-American lunch of cheeseburgers, fries, and apple pie.

The top three students were recognized for their honors in accordance to bushels per acre with an engraved picture plaque presented by Kiwanis President, Dr. Jeremy Burright. They were: first place, Josh Smith, 294.41; second place, Jasey Smith, 289.15; and third place, Kierra McDaniel, 286.34. Additional students recognized with a certificate included: fourth place, Cameron Oswald, 271.3; fifth place, Natalie Hedlund, 266.9; sixth place, Gena Mitchell, 247.24; and seventh place, Braden Graves, 221.77. Aleesha Lemar, FFA sponsor and instructor, was in charge of obtaining the corn yield reports. 

The Fairfax Kiwanis Club has sponsored this event since 1947 and has seen many changes in the corn yields, technology, the equipment used, and means of obtaining the corn for counting and student participation. Bob Alldredge, Kiwanis Corn Yield chairman, shared some history on this youth project.

Each honoree gave the formulas used for their particular crop production. 

Kiwanis members joining in the celebration were: Dr. Jeremy Burright, president; Marilyn Alldredge, secretary, Bob Alldredge, treasurer; Kris Umbarger, president-elect; Jim Allen, vice president; Danny Kemerling, Richard Loch, and Tiffany Haynes. The meeting concluded with brags and the Kiwanis Defining Statement.