This year marks the third year Tarkio Elementary third graders have sold Crush-grams to help endangered animals. Students selected and researched an endangered animal from the World Wildlife Foundation website. Additionally, they created a commercial to convince the other students to vote for their animal. To culminate this project, students assembled Crush-grams as a fundraiser and are happy to report that they raised over $700 and were able to adopt 10 animals. The animals chosen were koala, bison, giraffe, orca, red maned wolf, fennec fox, Przewalski horse, bottled-nosed dolphin, hummingbird and narwhal. Tarkio third graders and their teachers, Ms. Walton and Mrs. Parra, appreciate the community’s generous support. Pictured, from left to right, are: front row – Tory Hogue, Skyla Holtz, Graceyn Reeves, Brynleigh Lopez, Harper Wood, Brynna Alsup, and Tucker Hurst; and back row – Landon Scott, Brayden Widener, Ea England, Brody Anderson, Raziel Kimpston, Katie Averett, Quad Klosek, Landon Driskell, Tristan Burke, and Sophie Hegstrom. (Submitted photo)