Glenn Rolf stands next to a completed PET (Personal Energy Transportation) mobility cart that allows men, women, and children (who can no longer walk) in third world countries to move around. Glenn has enlisted the help of the Tarkio Tech welding students to build hand brakes for the mobility carts.

Glenn Rolf and the volunteer welders from the St. John’s Lutheran Church congregation outside of Westboro, Missouri, have once again been tasked with building parts for a hand-cranked wheelchair through an organization called Mobility Worldwide, which is based in Columbia, Missouri. Due to the amount needed in such a short time span, Glenn has enlisted the help of the Tarkio Tech welding students in completing the build of the brake handle. Twenty welding students will be assisting in making 1,000 brake handles to put on the PET (Personal Energy Transportation) carts.

Glenn and the 20 or so Atchison County volunteers, including Bobby Vette and the late Paul Ohrt, have been helping to build and weld the brake handles for these carts for many years now. The three-wheeled mobility carts are assembled at Mobility Worldwide – MO in Columbia and then transported to people in third world countries who can no longer walk or get around easily. Most of the recipients are people who have had injuries to their legs from a landmine, explosions, or people with polio or leprosy.

Due to COVID-19 stopping or slowing production, there is now a huge need for the mobility carts. However, the welding students have put a dent in their production totals, already welding at least 300. Glenn visited the students at the welding lab at Tarkio Tech on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and they were able to see what a completed mobility cart looks like and try it out.

A lot of hands and hard work go into making these gifts of mobility, but every single person involved is happy and eager to do it. Donations are needed. Not only are supplies costly, but so is shipping the carts. Donations may be sent to Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia, 4825 E. Meyer Industrial Drive, Columbia, MO 65201. Learn more at