Submitted by Dr. Ethan Sickels,

Rock Port R-II Superintendent

The second semester is off and running here at Rock Port R-II, and I hope 2023 has started as well for you as it has in our school district. We continue to make great strides and achieve terrific results in our classrooms, throughout our athletic competitions, and via our numerous activities that have already commenced since the beginning of January. As I type this, we are wrapping up our Winter Homecoming Week, and I have enjoyed seeing the excitement and school spirit our students share when cheering on the Blue Jays.

We are still progressing through the planning phases towards April 4, when our school district will be running a no-tax increase bond issue known as Proposition 2. This bond issue would involve the demolition of the dome and its replacement with a building that includes similar classrooms, a larger library to be utilized by both ends of the building, concession stand and locker room space, and hopefully some additional storage space as well. In addition, numerous energy efficient improvements are projected for the elementary building. The basic floor plan should be going out to bid from Veregy to construction companies shortly, so we should know soon how much bang we can get for our buck (and what cuts/changes we may need to make). Once that is determined, we will certainly be sharing floor plans, information, etc., on exactly what those changes would entail.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention winter weather this time of year. We do have 40 hours built in that we can miss before we need to start utilizing snow days. Hopefully we continue to progress through the next couple of months without any major weather events!

Thanks for your support of our students, staff, and school district. Blue Jay Nation is one-of-a-kind, and your pride and efforts are key in helping us provide an outstanding education. As always, I leave you with three important words . . . GO BIG BLUE!