The Rock Port R-II School Board of Education held a regular meeting May 11, 2023. Board President Regan Griffin called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the board room. Others in attendance were: Afton Schomburg, Joanna Burke, Jared Meyerkorth, Reven Herron (via Zoom), Troy Cook, and Kayla Sierks. Also present were High School Principal Donnie Parsons, Elementary Principal Steve Waigand, Board Secretary Jennifer Welch, and guests Rex Bollinger, Dalton Jones, Danyal Coon, Katarina Bennett, Jayme Wood, Thomas Herron, Jay Stanton, Bruce Johnson, John Rinehart, and Brad Wegaman.

The agenda was amended and adopted.

The minutes of the regular meeting of April 11, 2023, were approved. Dr. Sickels reviewed the financial information for the month ending April 2023. The transfer of funds, April final check register, May check register to date, and the activity account checks were approved.

During scheduled audience, L.J. Hart presented on the issuance and sales of Series 2023 Bonds. Jay Stanton also presented on Inspire Fairfax.

During communications, Dalton Jones, Danyal Coon, Katarina Bennett, Jayme Wood, and Thomas Herron presented on the Social Studies curriculum and activities/resources that they utilize in their classrooms.

Dr. Waigand and Mr. Parsons gave the elementary and high school reports. Dr. Waigand also gave a report on the NWEA winter data. Dr. Sickels presented the monthly program evaluation report on Professional Development and Career Ladder.

The board proceeded to address several new items of business. Action was taken to approve a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of Series 2023 General Obligation Bonds with L.J. Hart & Company, approve opening a bond proceeds account with Citizens Bank & Trust, approve transfer authority on the bond proceeds account, approve 2023-2024 Tarkio Technology Institute agreement, approve 2023-2024 breakfast and lunch prices, approve 2023-2024 technology purchase of Apptegy, approve a speech therapy contract with Luke Therapy Services, approve a visual impairment services contract with Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are blind or visually impaired for both OM and TVI services, amend the 2023-2024 extra duty pay schedule, approve the 2023-2024 preliminary budget, and approve board policy updates.

Extra-duty contracts for 2023-2024 were extended to Aidan Burke, assistant junior high boys’ basketball; Sam Giddinge, assistant junior high girls’ basketball; Maddy McPhillips, assistant junior high track; and Melissa Comstock, assistant high school track. Action was taken to extend a 2023-2024 contract to Melissa Pierpoint and Cara Davis for the open high school paraprofessional positions.

Following a brief discussion of future business items, the meeting was moved into executive session. Following executive session, the meeting was adjourned.