Ernema “Bing” Boettner, Rock Port, Missouri, is the Health Occupations and CNA instructor at Tarkio Tech. She is also co-author of a book, “25 Ways to Start Your Day: CTE Bell Ringers,” published nationally by the Association for Career and Technical Education. Her partner is Dr. Michelle Conrad, who provided research-based support for Bing’s methods in the classroom. According to the Association for Career & Technical Education, a “bell ringer” is a meaningful activity to get students started and focus on the work of the day.

This book has been an idea for more than 10 years, beginning  while Bing was attending workshops at Northwest Missouri State University. On her way to a conference, she pondered having 20 people in a room talking about bellringers. That 20 people ended up being 200, and the woman who led that conference asked Bing to think about writing a book. Bing presented several times after that and believes that is where the vision came from.

This book works best for teachers in a classroom setting, but it could also benefit administrators and directors.