The Fairfax R-3 School Board met January 22, 2024. Jon Graves called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Also present were: Miles Smith, Chance Clement, Crystal Woodring, Theresa Larson, Treyvor Umbarger, and Brett Johnson, board members; Nick Kemerling, superintendent; Jeremy Burright, principal; and Karen Burke, secretary. Jaymee Koop was a guest.

The agenda was approved as presented.

Principal’s Report

Dr. Burright reported on general information, including the start of the second semester, a teacher work day, Courtwarming, NWEA and IXL Assessments, County Band Day, and consultants from NWRPDC for PD in math and writing.

Amanda Oswald, the new counselor, is working on revamping High Step TNT. This is a club of selected students who can serve as peer counselors for Fairfax students. This club will be comprised of a cross section of high school students who are seen as potential contacts for helping their friends through moments of crisis.

He also reported they have currently had two AMI days which allow them to keep from adding hours to the calendar. Any hours missed that would put them below the 1,044 required by the state have to be made up. There are about three more AMI days available.

They are experimenting with a new class schedule for preschool-12 students.

Superintendent’s Report

Pinnacle Electric finished up the light project and replaced a light in the old gym.

The six EA record boards have been hung in the hallway from the old gym into the new gym.

Jeff Jobes came in December to fix the boiler. They might want to fix the third this summer, get the parts ordered and start planning for getting this fixed.

The Fairfax Boosters have donated some signs to hang on the bridge. Monetary donations were also made and they are wanting to tint the gymnasium windows using that money. A total of 34 windows will cost $1,800 to $2,200 including installation.

The Fairfax Tournament was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Superintendent’s Spotlight

Mrs. Koop, junior high/high school Sped teacher, spoke to the board about a grant she had written/received. She was able to purchase 60+ books using this grant money.

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda was approved. This included a review of minutes of November meeting, a comparison of year-to-date expenditures and revenues, monthly budget comparison, and fund balance report.

The monthly bills in the amount of $210,905.23 were approved for payment.

New Business

Board members approved the following payments:$1,520.12 to First Student for December Vo-Tech transportation, $1,096.80 to Connections Counseling and Wellness for December services, and $1,469.24 to Waldinger Corporation for December boiler repairs in the art room and cafeteria.

The condensate pump in the kindergarten room is in need of repair. Jeff J has located parts and will do the replacement and the cost will be around $5,300. Board members voted to approve the repairs to the boiler.

The subscription to SPEDTrack at a cost of $2,595 was approved.

A report on the Fairfax Tournament was given. Games on Monday and Tuesday games were cancelled due to inclement weather and held Wednesday and Thursday. After Friday’s games were cancelled it was hoped to finish the tournament by playing six games on Saturday and four on Monday, but inclement weather forced a cancellation of the tournament. A total of $723 in revenue through admissions was collected on Wednesday and Thursday. Expenses at this time are in excess of $4,000, but that total will go down when the checks paid to officials who were not needed are voided. Expenses include payment to officials, gate workers, table workers, and food/drinks for the hospitality room. The going rate for officials this year in our area is $145 for two games, which is up from $120 last year. Three officials  are used for each game.

Board members voted to pay the 75% deposit for materials and labor for a total of $26,521 to Midwest Data Center. Speakers and wires for the intercom system were installed earlier this week, The phone system will be linked to new bell system next week. The door system will be installed when materials arrive. Internet will be installed at the football field press box in the spring. This will be paid for with funds from the school’s safety grant.

Board members approved a revision of the 2023-24 calendar to inculde an early out on February 19. Fairfax R-3 has missed 18.84 hours over three days and used three AMI days. The school is required to attend 1,044 hours and had a 1,058.58 hour calendar. As of the date of the board meeting a total of 4.26 hours need to be made up. The early out as 12:42 p.m. will make up those hours.

Board members approved payment of $24,800 to Pinnacle Electric for gym lighting. This was completed in December. Pinnacle Electric will come back and adjust the motion sensors that are not working. They also repaired one of the old gym lights free of charge.

Old Business

Payment of $3,811.50 to Get the Lead Out was approved. They took 77 samples from the school’s campus. This can be reimbursed from a Health Department grant.

The meeting adjourned at 8:51 p.m.