Tarkio T-Ball A and B Teams

The Tarkio A and B T-Ball Teams recently gathered together for a group photo. Team members include Poppy Graves, Rory Lambertsen, and Bella Reeves; second row – Ledgen Lambert, Natalie Spire, Skyler Alsup, Brinely Guyer, and Leightyn Laur; third row – Ava Hance, Raxtin Riggins, Evelyn Adams, Eden Hance, Bexley Lambert, MaeAnne Johnson, Finlee Ohnmacht, Mattie Sundermann, Bristol Sutter, Kyzer Lopez, Madilyn Riley, Eleanor Henry, and Rein Wennihan; and back row – Coaches Blaine Lambert, Travis Hicks, Garrett Alsup, Shane Guyer, Kevin Sundermann, Damond Wennihan, and Norbert Henry. Vinny Calandro is not pictured. (Karly Hicks photo)


Tarkio T-Ball Grey Team

The Tarkio T-Ball Grey Team included, from left to right: front row – Willow Wright, Emmett Reeves, and Crew Martin; middle row – Rhynn Stillwell, Leevi Driskell, Logan Bolin, and Aia Murray; and back row – Coaches Brett Reeves and Corey Martin. Declan and Killian Vogler are not pictured. (Whitney Martin photo)