Wind Farm Feedback

An open house discussion was open to the public and held on June 30 in Rock Port. The Missouri Extension asked for community members to share stories, experiences and viewpoints about wind farms.

Atchison County residents have been asked to provide feedback about wind farms by the University of Missouri Extension. An open forum discussion was held in Rock Port on Saturday, June 30. Approximately 30 citizens gathered to discuss issues and questions surrounding wind farming in the area.
The purpose of the forum was to gather feedback, both positive and opposing, about wind farm development and how area projects affect the communities. It is the first step for the Missouri Extension office to learn more about the overall opinion and needs of the community.
Earlier this year, several landowners and communities in northwest Missouri asked the University of Missouri for input and resources regarding wind farms. In order to answer those questions, the Missouri Extension wanted to develop a resource guide. This guide, produced by a group of graduate students at the University of Missouri, will help individuals and communities work knowledgeably through the issues and impacts of wind farm development.
Joe Lear, NW Regional Director at University of Missouri Extension says, “We want to be able to provide a resource that will help communities, government officials, and individuals decide if any economic development opportunity, not just wind turbines, is a good fit for their community.”
He also expressed gratitude for those in attendance and said they appreciated the input and the discussion. They learned about the local community and the issues of importance to the community regarding the positives and negatives around wind turbines and wind energy
For those who did not attend the forum, a survey and contact form is available online on the Missouri Extension’s website. Opinions can also be sent to

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