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Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met Tuesday afternoon, May 10, at the home of Pam Cooper. Assembled, would be more accurate. We were still standing when Mary Anne, who had driven four members to Pam’s country home, was called away.
Martha Shaffer was missing, so we’re now two people short. Cell phones to the rescue. We roused Martha, who had forgotten it was pitch day, who called Susan, who had been told she wasn’t needed, and so 30 minutes later, we were ready for pitch.
Sharon Smith announced that there was a program sponsored by the hospital concerning Alzheimer’s and it was decided that the pitch club might need to enroll. Oh my! The confusion didn’t slow down the laughter.
Kay Rosenbohm won high, Pam Cooper, second high, and Martha Shaffer, low. I think Martha was finishing her nap.
Pam served what she called a mystery pie. Norma Bradfield’s guess was the closest. It was a recipe that Debbie Johnson’s grandma always made called million dollar pie and the recipe is on the net under that title, actually, several versions. It was delicious and looks like a recipe I can handle, even the crust is graham crackers.
It took a few minutes to decide who was going to take everyone home. Pam was looking worried fo