The Graves-Chapple Research Center Field Day returns with a variety of topics centered around three main tours – drought issues, integrated pest management and crop management. Registration and breakfast begins at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at the center, which is north of Corning, Missouri. Tours begin at 8:15 a.m. and lunch will be served at 11:45 a.m. The event, as well as the meals, is free and open to the public.


“We have several great speakers lined up, and each of them will be presenting on agricultural topics that our local producers are interested in,” said Jim Crawford, superintendent of the Graves-Chapple Research Center. “It’s really important for us to be aware of what our farmers and producers are going through in the field. We want to provide them with the information and tools to be successful.”


With the continued drought-like conditions through­out the state, the drought issues tour will touch on how farmers and producers can deal with those problems. Presentations will include discussions on nitrogen management after drought; drought impacts on residual herbicides; and dealing with drought-damaged pastures.


“The drought has affected our farmers and producers in a number of ways,” Crawford said. “While there is no good way to battle drought-like conditions, this tour will at least gives guests some ideas on how to handle different scenarios.”
A brief discussion of dicamba will be part of the integrated pest management tour. Managing disease and fungicide resistance in field crops, and Japanese beetles, will also be featured during the tour.


The crop management tour will include talks on crop costs of production; input costs and crop yield; and critical drivers in the 2019 market outlook for corn and soybeans.


“There are still a lot of questions about dicamba, so we felt it was important to highlight the current updates,” Crawford said. “The Japanese beetles have been a major problem this year and this presentation will give some possible management options for the insect. We have a great group of speakers for the crop management tour this year as well, all of who will provide great current and future market outlooks.”


There will also be an opportunity to give back to the Graves-Chapple Research Cen­ter this year – with a giving match of up to $500 per donor. From August 1 to October 31, CAFNR will match donations directed to any of the CAFNR Research Centers. That means a $250 donation, for example, would result in a $500 benefit to the selected center.
“Our Research Centers play a vital role in the CAFNR mission by conducting timely and important research – and taking that research to our farmers and producers,” said Christopher Daubert, CAFNR vice chancellor and dean. “Each Research Center is vitally important in the communities where they are located.


“Your donations provide critical operating funds that enable each of our Research Centers to purchase equipment, improve facilities and invest in new technologies. Your gifts ensure that our Research Centers continue the cutting-edge agriculture research and education necessary for the No. 1 industry in our state to continue to thrive.”


Donations can be made online to Graves-Chapple by visiting the Bob Chapple Endowment and entering a gift amount. Donations can also be made in person during each field day event.


Sponsors for the Graves-Chapple Research Center Field Day include: Atchison-Holt Electric Cooperative, Farm Credit Services, Hoegemeyer Hybrids, Kent Fisher Insurance LLC., Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council and the Soybean Farmers’ Checkoff, and MO Valley Ag. “Our sponsors are critical for our field day,” Crawford said. “We couldn’t do all of this without them.”


The Graves-Chapple Research Center is located at 29955 Outer Road, Fairfax. For more information about the field day, call 660-744-6231 or email Crawford at For more information about the Graves-Chapple Research Center, visit