After 27 years of teaching in the Tarkio Elementary School, Barb Tubbs is saying goodbye to her kiddos and retiring. Stepping into the hallways and classrooms as a para in February of 1992, Barb eventually went back to school and earned her Special Education certificate and began teaching in that department in 2002. She’s been there ever since.

Barbara Tubbs

Sandy Meier

So many children have come through Barb’s door that she isn’t sure how many she’s taught exactly, but each and every one has made an impact on her heart. Though teaching curriculums and tests have be- come much more computerized, her students have still been able to have that special connection with her, whether it be by learning life skills in the classroom or heading out into the community on field trips. She’s also been part of the inclusion of the special education department into the elementary school, as when she began as a para, the department had its own separate building. It’s now part of the school, both physically and mentally and the Tarkio R-I School District has one of the best special education facilities in the region. Many students have been helped by Barb’s joyful spirit and loving attention. Though she will miss her students the most, Barb is looking forward to being able to spend more time with her grand daughters. She also has plans to kick back and relax and enjoy her garden.Tarkio R-I staff and students will miss seeing her smiling face daily.

Sandy Meier

Janitor/Custodian/Teachers’ Helper, Sandy Meier has answered as all. Though her official title as custodian began 22 years ago, it wasn’t always janitorial duties that kept her busy. Whether an- swering the phones during staff members’ breaks, or filling up coffee cups for test- ing teachers, Sandy has has been a go-to coworker and friend. She’s also the staff member currently in the high school who has been there the longest.

Over the years, the day-in and day-out janitorial du- ties haven’t changed much, but Sandy said she did see a change in snow removal as the janitors used to be in charge of clearing the entire property themselves.

Though she’ll miss visit- ing with the kids the most, Sandy is looking forward to retirement. She has grand- kids to spoil, flowers to tend, and looks forward to being able to go places whenever she feels like it. Sandy’s is a friendly, familiar face that will be missed at Tarkio High School. Though she’ll be working through part of June, the students said goodbye to her on their last day of school Thursday.