Ah, we had our last day of school this past Thursday. The kids have been delightful to work with, and they learned a lot. They finished all their projects and I’m sure had lots to show at the music carnival. They took their sewing kits home, and need to remember, they are quilters now, and with that comes some responsibility. So kids, keep those kits up high away from younger brothers and sisters. We enjoyed working with you, and hope you enjoy all the things you made.

Thursday night, the quilters got some more blocks made on the current quilt. I think I’m calling this one “Light and bright.”

Holly & Chris Holmes and Scott & Tiffany Holmes made a trip to Moab, Utah, last week. They saw some beautiful sights, but ran into some snow storms and some sand storms. They had a fun family trip and got some great photos.

This past week visitors of Kay and Tom Gibson were Dr. Steve Donald and Stanley Singleton, of Chatom, Alabama.

Keep May 28 open… Watsonites, it is the night of the Watson Alumni Banquet. More information to come later.

Don’t forget, all you quilters out there… Friday, May 13 is the Tarkio Health Care quilt show. They start accepting quilts May 12 at 5 p.m. Winners will be announced Saturday, May 14, at 10 a.m.