The photo is of Lynda Gfeller (left) and Megan Twyman (right) participating in the build a tower game held on Italy Day.

Pleasant View celebrated National Nursing Home Week by keeping with this years theme “It’s a small world with a big heart.” Each day residents and staff “visited” a different country, with the dining room decorated with the country’s flag and other items. Each day we learned about the country we were visiting and looked them up on the globe.
Monday we were in Italy. Before lunch of Italian fare was served, residents watched and cheered on teams of staff members having a contest of who could build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows in 5 minutes. In the afternoon some residents practiced their art skills using cooked spaghetti.
Tuesday we traveled to China, dined on egg rolls and sweet and sour pork. Residents enjoyed a game of Shuttlecock, which is a popular game in China.
Wednesday we were in the Bahamas, lunch was fish on a stick, crab salad, fresh tropical fruit and rum cake. In the afternoon we enjoyed Bahama Mamas out on the deck, listening to island music. We had a guess how many seashells game, Jessica Vance was the winner.
Thursday it was off to Greece, residents enjoyed gyros and baklava for lunch. Residents participated in Olympic games in the afternoon. Alene Trueblood won the gold in both downhill race and disc throw.
Edith Bailey won the olive in the jar contest.
Friday we were back in the good ole US of A. Staff and residents were urged to wear their favorite baseball team colors. Staff participated in a paddle ball contest, Sherrie Lansdown was the winner. Grilled hot dogs and apple pie were served after the contest.
It was a week of fun and learning rolled into one!