The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Donna Whelan, Teresa & Jim Hickok, Linda Viets, Sandy Thompson, Anita Armstrong, Fran Phillips, Holly Holmes, and Kay Gibson attending. Tasha Gronniger popped in for a visit, and Sue Bright, and Shannon Paterson, Oak Harbor, WA. also dropped by to visit. We finished our quilt top, but now need to attach a border to it.
The 79th Watson Alumni Banquet will be held Saturday, May 28, at the Watson Community Building. Dinner will be served at 7, but come at 6 and visit with old friends. Dinner will be catered by Anita Robertson and still only cost $10 for a great meal and a great time. Call Beulah at 660-993-2226 to make your reservation.
Molly Speigel did a great job with her speech at the Rock Port graduation. I hope everyone listened to her good advice. She was this class’s 2nd grade teacher and they asked her to be the speaker.
Last week’s visitor of Kay & Tom Gibson and Seth Sheldon was Brent Cochran, Merritt Island, FL.
My sister and I loved bubble gum. No, we didn’t care to blow bubbles, we chewed it awhile and then used it to stick the broken bicycle parts back together, to hold the little ballerina back into the center of the music box, and to poke under the table.
I looked up gum and it all began with the Greeks chewing the resin from mastic trees. That’s sort of like chewing the fat.
Then I looked up glue and had my “ah ha moment” when I discovered resin was in glue, too. No wonder that bubble gum worked so well.
If you’re ever in need of a fast fix, just try bubble gum.