The junior high and high school awards assembly was held May 16 at Fairfax R-3 School.
In addition to numerous English, science, art, history, business, FACS, math, music and Spanish awards, the following awards were presented:
Perfect Attendance Awards: Gena Mitchell and Tacy Mitchell
275 Scholar Athlete Awards: Mason Straub, Brody Cooper, Alyssa Garrison, Goldie Barnes, Dakota Allen, Ryan Hopkins
MFA Scholarship: Ryan Hopkins
Fairfax Sorority 8th grade Science Recognition: Jaelynn Hill
Fairfax Sorority Scholarship: Emma Morris, Rhonda Kay Baker
Girls State (Fairfax American Legion Auxiliary, sponsor): Alyssa Beck
Boys State (Fairfax American Legion, Fairfax Kiwanis Club, sponsors): Gage Crowley and Dakota Allen
Atchison County Development Corporation Scholarship: Emma Morris
Fairfax Baptist Church Memorial Scholarships: Emma Morris, Ryan Hopkins
Kenny Oliver Memorial Scholarship – Fairfax Optimist Club: Emma Morris
Alumni Scholarship: Ryan Hopkins
Optimist Club International Essay Contest: Dillan Palmer, Tacy Mitchell, Leslie Bradley, Conner Marshall, Shanna Gilpin
American Legion Essay Contest: Gena Mitchell, Jesse Graves, Devin Guajardo, Ian Hedlund
Farm Bureau Leadership Awards: Gage Crowley, Alyssa Beck
Dedication of the Annual: Suzanne Fentiman
CTA Scholarship: Emma Morris
D.A.R.E. Role Model Certificates: Emma Morris, Ryan Hopkins, Kolbe Cooper, April Clark, Amber Clark
Grace Finch / Fairfax Christian Church Scholarship: April Clark, Amber Clark
Presbyterian Church Scholarship: Halle Sutter
Fairfax Volunteer Firefighter Certificates: Michael Baker, Gage Crowley
DAR Good Citizenship Award: Ryan Hopkins
Fairfax Community Recycling Scholarships: Kolbe Cooper, April Clark, Garrett Ball
Missouri Leadership Conference Award: Tacy Mitchell
Sophomore Pilgrimage: Goldie Barnes
Louie Bell Scholarships: Ryan Hopkins
Bob Phelps Memorial Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri: Halle Sutter
A+ Scholarships: Halle Sutter, Emma Morris, April Clark, Amber Clark, Kay Baker, Kolbe Cooper
Northwest Region MSTA Scholarship: Emma Morris
PEO Scholarship: Halle Sutter
Northwest Missouri State University Scholarships: Halle Sutter, Amber Clark, April Clark, Emma Morris, David Bungenstock
Doane University: Ryan Hopkins