The City of Fairfax Board of Aldermen met in regular session May 18, 2016.
Present were: Alva Stoner, Mayor; Beth Graves, Kristi Duering, Michael Oswald, and Ryan Kingery, Aldermen; Melissa Gilpin, City Clerk; Danny Kemerling, Treasurer; John Brown, Water Superintendent; Jacob Bradbury and Tonya Oswald, citizens.
The aldermen voted to approve the regular minutes of April 13, 2016
Discussion was held regarding appointing Beth Graves as an alderperson to complete Pam O’Riley’s term. The aldermen voted unanimously to appoint Beth Graves as alderperson, and she was sworn in by Melissa Gilpin, City Clerk.
Tonya Oswald was present representing Beta Sigma Phi. The sorority helps with different projects around town. They would like to help replace the baby swing in the park due to its deterioration. They would also like the City to keep them informed of any other projects that they might be able to help with. The City will look into the price of replacing the swing and get back to them. Tonya also brought up concerns regarding the slide in the park and requested that the City look into ways of enclosing the top.
Jacob Bradbury was present to discuss the property next to his. He requested that the City have the property condemned. There was a long discussion as to the procedure for condemnation. The City will order an inspection and proceed from there.
Michael Oswald requested item 7a of the agenda be moved and discussed before approving Accounts payable and Financial Statements.
He has been reviewing previous budget spreadsheets and financial statements, and found some entry errors. He wanted to speak to the council about diligence in monitoring to be sure errors were found quickly so that amendments could be made timely. He also wanted to be sure the council understood that ultimately it is their responsibility to make sure the city runs smoothly.
There was a brief discussion and explanation period on accounts payable for the new alderpeople. The aldermen voted to approve accounts payable.
They also voted to approve the financial statement.
Michael Oswald presented the council with a video regarding street repair equipment. Discussion was held on possible equipment the city could buy to do repairs. There is a large cost involved. There was then a long discussion regarding different ways to possibly fix the streets and what has been done in the past. John Brown also presented the board with cost estimates for contracting repairs to compare to purchasing equipment.
Michael Oswald also suggested that a tour of the city would be helpful for the new alderpersons.
Michael also presented a possible ordinance to amend water rates. There was discussion regarding how to and who gets charged what rates and why.
Danny Kemerling, City Treasurer, presented his report and reported all accounts are in balance.
John Brown reported that Steve passed his waste water test for certification and that the city usually gives a raise when this happens. The contract for the parking space lease goes into effect June 1, 2016. It is a one year contract with an option to renew annually. John reported that the sidewalk in the park is sinking in spots and is in need of repair. He also reported they are going to reditch, scarify and possibly run a tube underneath Denny Street just north of the park to help with drainage issues and address the potholes. The city phone that Steve has been using is not working properly. It needs to be replaced and will be upgraded.
Melissa Gilpin reported that the current water software is reaching its end of life. She presented the board with a quote for an upgrade that would also interface with Quickbooks to hopefully allow for more streamlined data processing and a smaller margin for data entry error over the way it is currently being done. The company is also changing the style of the billing cards and more will need to be ordered. The aldermen voted to order the new cards and discuss the new software during the six month budget review.
The next meeting will be Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at 6:00 p.m.
(The unapproved minutes were submitted by Melissa Gilpin, City Clerk.)