June 2, 1966
Rock Port Community Housing is now offering leases to future tenants of Fair Oaks, Rock Port’s new housing complex. The $192,000 project was financed by a 50 year loan from the Farmer’s Home Administration.
June 3, 1976
Damages in excess of $300,000 were the result of a collision between a train and truck in Phelps City. The driver of the truck, after being dragged 450 feet down the track, escaped with only minor bruises and a concussion.
June 5, 1986
Mary Paxton Keeley, the first woman to graduate from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, turned 100 years old. Mrs. Keeley, who earned a bachelor’s degree in 1910, two years after the school opened its doors, and a master’s in 1928. After getting her degree, Mary went to work for the Kansas City Post as the first woman reporter in town.
June 6, 1996
Dennis C. Dobyan, M.D. and Scott Brown M.D. associates with the St. Joseph Nephrology Associates, Inc. began a new out-patient clinic at the community hospital. Dr. Dobyan and Dr. Brown will be offering services to patients in the area troubled with kidney diseases.
June 8, 2006
Brownville celebrates another milestone as the Brownville Theatre celebrates its 40th anniversary. As Nebraska’s oldest repertory theatre company, one of the goals is to provide a permanent home in Brownville for the theatre’s company.