Donald Loraine “Hoppy” Hopkins will be 90 years old on June 7. He was born east of Tarkio on June 7, 1926, and lived all of his life in Atchison County, except for two years when he worked in the shipyards in California, until he moved to Boonville, Missouri, in 1978.
He worked in Tarkio at Super Chevrolet for 23 years and then sold cars in Boonville for another 20 years. He was involved in sales for over 40 years.
He moved to Boonville on June 3, 1978, and married Margaret Ann Turnbull on June 17, 1978. He took his dog, Sam, along with him when he moved. Some might remember an article about him and Sam that appeared in the Tarkio Avalanche 38 years ago. When Hoppy was preparing for his household auction in Tarkio, the little dog kept jumping on the table so the auctioneer (the late Abie Showalter) asked if the dog was for sale. Hoppy jokingly said, “I guess so.” So, Sam was listed on the sale bill and the starting bid was $50,000. “Once the bidding got going it rapidly grew to $325,000. That is when Hoppy bought him back. For of course, Hoppy would NEVER sell his dog, not even for a million dollars. He says, ‘He’s one of the most intelligent dogs there is. Sam can do anything, but talk. He’s seven years old, small and brown, and MONEY CANNOT BUY HIM.’ He did not know that the clerk, auctioneer, and Arlene Wheeler had prearranged for Arlene to keep raising the bid to put the bee on Hoppy. Well, they had their joke and Hoppy has his dog.”
Birthday cards may be sent to Don Hopkins, Riverdell Care Center, 1121 11th Street, Boonville, MO 65233.