My dad taught me how to cultivate corn when I was eleven years old. The cultivator and team would straddle a row of corn. With the handles and footrest, I would guide the cultivator shovels to cut the weeds. It was hard for my dad to hire any help during that period of time, (during World War II) because everybody was either in the military service or working in a defense plant. I also, at an early age, hauled wheat to the elevator when he was combining, milked cows, scooped corn, and put up hay. He taught me how to work and work ethics.
I needed my yard mowed and asked an affluent single mom if her twelve year old son would ride their lawnmower over to my house and I would pay him to mow the yard. I had seen her mowing her yard with a nice John Deere riding lawnmower. She replied, “Oh, I don’t let him ride the mower. It is just too dangerous.” Huh?
I recently hired a couple of high school boys to help me do some work on the farm, and they had no idea what work was. However, they knew how to play games on their iphone while I was trying to explain what I wanted done. A close friend of mine who operates a restaurant hired a young lady who “wanted a job bad” as a waitress. Her upbringing was by a dysfunctional family that did not work. She had an infant and a boyfriend. Neither the boyfriend nor the person taking care of the baby could get up to bring the waitress to work. So, when the waitress told my friend she would need a ride to work the next morning, my friend went to pick her up but she was still in bed. The boyfriend had turned off the alarm because he did not want to be awakened.
I am afraid we have raised a generation of young people, from wealthy families to poor, who have no work ethics, nor know how to work.
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