By Kay Gibson

The 79th Watson Alumni Banquet was a huge success. There were about 60 people attending. From the class of 1946, Ruth White, attended. From the class of 1956, Jim Hays was there. Jean Holmes didn’t graduate that year, but she was in that class and she also attended. From the class of 1966, Duane Clodfelter, Louis Huff, Annie Wakefield, Alice Rader, Eileen Marrison, Leslie Case, and Paula Calhoun attended. Duane spoke for the class, he is an excellent speaker, and he even cut his 3 hour speech down to 2 hours and 56 minutes. In the election of officers, Charles Garst nominated his wife, Connie, who wasn’t there and she won, hands down. So she is the new president. Leslie Case is the vice president and Beulah Holmes graciously accepted the secretary’s job again. She does do such a good job. Our delicious meal was catered by Anita Robertson.
Watson got a downpour of 5 to 7 inches of rain in an hour’s time Monday night causing the town to be flooded.