The Fairfax Christian Church, Fairfax Baptist Church, Fairfax United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church united for this year’s community-wide Vacation Bible School May 23 – 27, 2016. The Fairfax Baptist Church was the host church this year.
Kids at Cave Quest Vacation Bible School learned a Bible Point each day that corresponded to a Bible story and key Bible verse.
Volunteers helping with the event included the following: Susan Braams, director; Sarah Osburn, opening/closing; Stephanie Litherbury and Kaitlyn Gibbons, Deep Bible Quest (story); Kelly Morris and Olivia Morris, Imagination Station (crafts); Josh and Tracy Oswald, Spelunker Sports & Games; Mandy Smith, KidVid Cinema; Beth Graves, Music Leader; Katy Baker, Michael Baker, Tony Osburn, Andrew Gibbons, Veronica Holecek, Marisa Hedlund, Leon Reed, Greg Beck, Andy Braams, Deb Johnson and Christopher Douglas, helpers; Jaymee Koop, Kristi Duering and Rebecca Long, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten group leaders; Suzie Williams and LeAnn Ohlensehlen, 1st and 2nd grade group leaders; Ashley Grossman, Jesse Graves and Jaycee Graves, 3rd and 4th grade group leaders; Lauren Clark and Ashton Lewis, 5th and 6th grade group leaders. The Cavern Cafe was organized by Trudy Baker. Breakfast and lunch were provided by all churches of the community.