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Goldie Barnes, Reporter
The Cake Decorating project members of the Wolverine 4-H Club met Wednesday, June 1, 2016, at the home of Mrs. Sarah Osburn for a day of learning. They were joined by some of the Wolverine Clover Kids who are also interested in learning the art of cake decorating.
First, the group was given hands-on instruction in baking a cake and making frosting from scratch by Mrs. Dana Osburn. Members were given instructions on measuring correctly, sifting, mixing, and baking ingredients in order to ensure a delicious homemade cake.
The group enjoyed sack lunches together on the Osburns’ lawn at noon before finishing their afternoon project session.
For the afternoon session, Mrs. Tiff Gaines gave a demonstration on frosting and decorating a cake and cupcakes. Each project member had their own layer cake to practice the techniques they had just learned.