Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) Board met Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Present were W.C. Farmer, Scott Melvin, Roger Martin, Lori Seymour, Lydia Hurst, Craig Corken, Eryn Stepp, Bob Alldredge, Monica Bailey, and Carol Clark. The meeting was called to order by Farmer. Meeting minutes and financial reports were approved as submitted.
Director’s Report
• WorkKeys Assessment: This service is being provided free of charge by the Department of Workforce Development and Maryville Job Center at Tarkio High School on June 9. Skills assessed include applied math, locating information, and reading for information. The results can be used when applying for a new position, and are also entered in DWD’s case management system to assist in finding a good job match. Bailey said that the opportunity was announced in the paper and widely shared on Facebook, but requested that board members also reach out to anyone who might benefit from this.
• Rock Creek Wind Farm: ACDC is preparing a list of local suppliers for use by the contractor when he/she is selected. Bailey will submit an article to the local papers in the next few weeks outlining the economic impact this project will have on Atchison County.
• North Missouri Economic Developers meeting: In May, the Northwest Roundtable of Economic Developers met with Northeast Missouri Development Partnership and will be working together on legislation that will benefit rural economic development.
• GNW Day Planning: A strategic planning meeting was held June 1 to assess the impact and goals of the event.
Old Business
• Website: Much improved over previous site, but working to address many issues. The key areas that still require improvement are business directory, the job board, and real estate search.
New Business
• Non Profit Project Support Request: A proposal from Atchison County Robotics was reviewed that would assist with purchase of equipment to support growing interest. All agreed to provide $4,000 as match to the other fundraising the organization has planned.
• Business startup grant: The board discussed guidelines for a grant program that would help get new businesses off the ground. Following extensive discussion, Bailey asked the board to continue considering the parameters of this program and will submit an updated draft for their consideration in the next few weeks.
The meeting adjourned.