We have been saturated with activities and events here lately, so it’s only fitting that this Tarkio Avalanche issue is saturated with news, ads, and pictures! This saturation issue is being sent to everyone in Atchison County, whether they have a subscription or not.
We take great pride in our paper and work hard to provide locals and subscribers with all the news and happenings in the area. This edition includes a wide variety of pictures and information about Tarkio, Fairfax, and Rock Port events, including the Tarkio Rodeo Weekend festivities, youth sports, local organization meetings, vacation bible school, a trip log, etc. There’s also a huge assortment of advertisements from area vendors who appreciate your continued business. We, too, appreciate your business and hope that you continue to pick up a newspaper each week to stay up-to-date on what’s going on.
This saturation issue is different than others published in the past. Fairfax and Rock Port advertisements, pictures, and articles are included in this edition, so Atchison County residents will only receive the Avalanche this week. Next week, the papers will go back to normal and if you also subscribe to the Atchison County Mail and/or Fairfax Forum, you will get that week’s paper.
If you would like to subscribe to the Tarkio Avalanche, please give us a call at 660-736-4111.