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Georgia Gilley
The TEC (Tuesday Evening Club) met Tuesday afternoon, June 14, at Martha’s B&B. It was a hot summer day but Martha’s A/C was working so hard that two members needed comfy throws.
It was a day of laughs as usual. Two poor souls whose names I won’t mention ended one game with a score of minus one. We always laugh at bad luck.
But luck was with Mary Anne Pennel, who had eight trumps out of a total nine cards dealt one hand. Not that it redeemed her final score, for our oft-times champ won low. Some days are like that! Yours truly won high (good partners), and Merylan Lowrey won second high.
Merylan was hostess and served a red, white, and blue dessert with a tiny flag tucked on top in honor of Flag Day. The berries and angel cake were scrumptious, and she passed around the whipped topping so I helped myself to a very generous portion. Some days are like that – lucky, when you least expect it.