June 30, 1966
Rock Port’s Rotary Club will be host to six young men and their leaders. The gentlemen from India will be traveling through Northwest Missouri on an exchange study program. The group consists of a lawyer, college teacher, and four young executives of well-known industrial concerns in India.

June 24, 1976
Oldest resident passes away at the Pleasant View Nursing Home. Mrs. Mary McEnaney is thought to be the oldest person in Atchison County to pass away at the age of 104. Mrs. McEnaney was born October 14, 1871 to Alexander and Polly Dare at Westboro.

June 29, 1986
Bruce and Valerie Duncan are the proud parents of a daughter, Talya Megan. Talya was born on June 20, at Grape Community Hospital. She weighed seven pounds. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Herron and Mrs. Lucille Duncan.

June 27, 1996
Dr. Wallace Carpenter and wife Dianna were honored with the Mission Award. They were recognized at the Annual Session of the Missouri West Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Carpenters were chosen for their continuing work in Falmouth, Jamaica. The Jamaica mission began in 1990 with a group of 10 under the leadership of Wally and Dianne.

June 29, 2006
Nate Bunton, son of Kim and Bill Bunton signs letter for Cleveland Indians. The signing took place on June 12th at Old Chicago in the Old Market area of Omaha, Ne.