PARTICIPANTS AGES 2 AND UP – Walked and ran in the Doug Summa Memorial Park 5K on Saturday, June 25, 2016, in Tarkio. Some also competed in a costume contest. Results and more pictures can be found on page 4.
(Photos By Megan McAdams)

The Doug Summa Memorial Park 5K Run/Walk and Kids’ Fun Run/Walk was held on Saturday, June 25, 2016. The event raised almost $3,000 to build restrooms at the park, which is located on South Third Street in Tarkio. Around 60 participated in the event.
Participants – by age – included:
3 & Under – Jaina Murray (who was the youngest runner/walker at age 2 and received a 1st place ribbon) and Maggie Summa
4-6 – Derek Scoggins, 1st, Max Swindle, 2nd, Owen Summa, 3rd, and Abbie Summa
7-9 – River Dow, 1st (he placed 2nd overall in the kids’ race), Olivia Pearce, 2nd (she placed 3rd overall in the kids’ race), Aidan Summa, 3rd, and Delana Scoggins
10-12 – Jersi Poppa, 1st (she placed 1st overall in the kids’ race) and Timmy Holben, 2nd
14 & Under – Gus Hannah, 1st, Morgan Parshall, 2nd, Mercedes Parshall, 3rd, Brynnan Poppa, 4th, Max Summa, 5th, Cami Mackey, Bradie Holben, Harley Hannah, and Ryan Summa
15-19 – Destiny Klosek, 1st, Grant Holben, 2nd, and Tate Summa, 3rd
20-29 – Kaitlyn Dannick, 1st (she placed 2nd overall in the 5K and was the first female finisher), Kamden Poppa, 2nd, Whitney Odil, 3rd (she pushed her son in his stroller), and Michan Noland, 4th (she pushed her daughter in her stroller)
30-39 – Morgan Dunkle, 1st, Wes Summa, 2nd, Marli Hannah, 3rd, Carrie Scoggins, Katie Mackey, Laura Summa, John Mackey, Summer Pieper, and Blu Dow
40-49 – Chris Yates, 1st (1st overall), Dallas Prather, 2nd, Casey Martin, 3rd, Kathy Summa, Jason Summa, Carol Summa, Jody Devine, Nikki Parshall, and Bobbi Poppa
50-59 – Barbara Nielson, 1st, Kevin Summa, 2nd
60-69 – Ken Kemerling, 1st (he placed 3rd overall), Ponya King, 2nd, Ed Nielson, 3rd, Joni Nelson, Valerie Riddle, Bonnie Ingels, Rebecca Sullivan, Mike Nelson, Bill Ingels, and John Sullivan
A costume contest was also held. Participants included the Wes Summa family, the Jason Summa family, the Marli Hannah family, Casey Martin, and Max Swindle.