The Fairfax R-3 School Board of Education held a regular board meeting June 16, 2016. Present were: Deanna Beck, Josh Oswald, Doug Miller, Chris Smith, Matt Heits, Mike Lewis and Jon Graves, board members; Michael Garrett, superintendent; Dustin Barnes, principal; Karen Burke, secretary; and Libby Lotter, CTA representative.
Dr. Garrett read thank you notes from Chris Easley and Suzanne Fentiman for honoring them with a plaque and helping with the spring fling for their retirement.
Board members voted to approve the agenda as presented.
The board reviewed the minutes from the May 12 regular and executive meetings and the May 18 executive meeting. The board also reviewed the financial report and the monthly reconciliation report indicating a liquid balance of $632,248.92 as of May 31, 2016. Dr. Garrett reviewed the fund balance with the board, indicating a total balance of all institutions at $948,264.34 as of June 16, 2016.
The June monthly bills in the amount of $145,721.46 were reviewed and approved for payment.
Mr. Barnes reported on the following:
• Summer leagues, camps and weights are off and running. Coach Hummel is running the weight program at Tarkio. We have started to open the weight room/ gym at Fairfax on Mondays and Thursdays.
• Work on the gym floor will be done in July.
• Several trainings are being set up for the fall.
• Dead week will be the last week of July. The school facilities will be closed.
• Sports schedules for next year are all finalized and on the website.
• Textbook and technology orders are either being made at this time, or are prepared for July 1st Order.
• We received a $2,000 donation from Celestech for iPads in the elementary. Five new iPads have been ordered.
• Wireless has been installed at the school. Midwest Data Center will be in to service some other needs over the summer as rooms are finished. The majority of the re-install and tech work will take place the first week of August or so.
• EOC scores are in and were pretty good across the board. MAP scores for grades 3-8 will not be in until the first of September.
• Jayme Koop and Shelby Hurst are attending Pathways to Reading training this summer. Josh Mullins and Melissa Graves are going to a Science training this summer. Libby Lotter is becoming Google certified this summer as well.
• Professional Development days and trainings and focuses for the fall and the 2016-2017 school year are being finished and will be ready for the teachers when they come back in August.
• Amber Zumbrunnen and Jay Stanton, physical therapists from Community Hospital-Fairfax, put on a training for several of the coaches on June 3 and 4. They will come in and do some work with the coaches and P.E. teacher this fall. They will also be in the school building this fall weekly to help with athlete injuries. This will be a great service for the school. Mr. Barnes would like to explore the possibility of hiring them (for a small stipend) to be at the Fairfax Basketball Tournament every night. It would be a good service to offer.
• The Fairfax Alumni Association and Booster Club made a donation for mats.
• There will be a sports barbeque August 4 at Tarkio. Parents and athletes invited, and coaches will be available. The new handbooks will be reviewed, and the EA Wolves Booster Club will provide food.
• The first football game is August 19.
• Board members were shown a demonstration of some new mats for the stage (solid black) and Fairfax Bulldogs mat for the east side of the gym. The board agreed with the demonstration and donation and the mats will be ordered. Any leftover money from the donation will be used toward band.
Dr. Garrett reported that Libby Lotter has been selling the bulk of the surplus items that are stored in the CFK building. To date $1,784 has been raised.
The gym has been painted, elementary floors waxed, in the process of pulling up the carpet in the pre K room and will be heading to the high school to wax floors up there.
The wifi is up and running.
Dr. Garrett met with Ryan Koop to get an estimate for a new floor and electrical work in the junior stand.
There will be a couple loads of dirt coming in to fill the big hole in the grassy playground area.
The Kiwanis Club is looking into updating the software for the marquee sign. They are getting some quotes.
Dr. Garrett talked with Doug Garrison, who has some excess building materials and would volunteer some help to get a fence built around trash bins.
DESE reports have all been submitted.
Board members voted to approve the consent agenda.
Communication System: Dr. Garrett and the board of education reviewed the updated bid for the communication system from Midwest Data Center. Board members voted unanimously to go with the new bid from Midwest Data Center and install as quoted.
Board members voted to approve Regulation 4032 as worded.
To balance out the books $31,219.37 needs to be transferred from Fund 1 to Fund 4. Board members voted to approve the transfer.
Baruths have painted the new gym for $2,300 and said they would paint the old gym for $2,000. Robin Lewis agreed to paint character words in the old gym. The school has several cabinets that will work in the junior stand, and they are working on getting an estimate for wiring and some carpentry work in the junior stand. The board decided to hold off on the old gym and to go ahead and get estimates for junior stand, and find out if the contractor is insured.
Dr. Garrett and the school board reviewed the 2016-17 proposed budget. Board members voted unanimously to approve the proposed 2016-17 budget with the understanding that there could be some amendments.
Dr. Garrett presented the 2015-16 final budget. Board members voted to approve the budget for the 2015/16 school year as presented.
Calculations will require an increase on lunch prices. This is a 10¢ increase. Board members voted to increase lunch prices for the elementary to $1.95, and high school to $2.20. Adult prices will remain the same.
Mr. Barnes presented the 2016-17 handbook changes to the board members. Board members voted to approve the handbook changes as presented.
Celestech donated $2,000 which will be utilized toward iPads. Board members voted to approve Celestech’s $2,000 donation.
The annual fee for the board’s membership in MARE is $500. Board members voted to renew the school’s membership.
Letters of resignation from Briana Hogue and Mark Staten were read. Board members voted to accept both resignations.
The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
Board members voted to go into executive session as allowed by the Revised Statutes of Missouri 610.021.3 and 610.021.6.