The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Fran Phillips, Linda Viets, Teresa & Jim Hickok, Donna Whelan, Anita Armstrong, Holly Holmes, and Kay Gibson attending. We got a little further on our quilt top.

Once upon a time there were two wolves snarling at each other—they both wanted to be leader of the pack.
Wolf #1 had all the bones he could possibly want, but he pushed the other wolves around, was rude and arrogant.
There are bad wolves in every pack. Wolf # 2 wanted to grind down the sharp teeth of all the wolves to solve this problem. Of course the bad wolves would avoid this grinding session and the good wolves were afraid they would not have any teeth left to protect themselves.
Wolf #1 wanted his pack to be secluded from all the other packs. He would growl when any other pack came close. He didn’t see a need to keep friendly with the other packs. Some wolves were afraid of running out of rabbits and having no friends to trade their quail for rabbits.
Wolf #2 wanted to go gather food for every wolf that couldn’t or wouldn’t find his own food.
Wolf #1 never had to forage for food, but he wanted everyone else hunting their own food, whether they were able or not.
Which wolf will win?