July 6, 2006
Lois Harmon has retired after 43 years of service as a cook at Fairfax R-3 School.
This year’s Fairfax Fair will take place August 18 – 20. The theme is “125 Years of Fairfax.”
The Atchison County Development Corporation has published the first edition of a visitor’s guide to Atchison County.
Fairfax students receiving a Gibbs Trust Scholarship were: Bethany Graves, Devon Sons, Dustin Stoner, Miles Smith, Janah Heits, and Harold Ray.

July 11, 1991
Members of the Xi Lambda sorority selected the following homes to receive July “Yard of the Month” signs: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zirfas, Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Ray, Maxine Oswald, and Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kemerling.
A solar eclipse will begin in the area Thursday afternoon at 1:06 p.m., with maximum coverage of the sun by the moon at 2:08 p.m. The next eclipse will be August 21, 2017.
Hunter’s advertised the following “Summertime Buys” – round steak, $1.89 per pound; lettuce, 49¢ per head; tomatoes, 99¢ per pound; ice cream, half gallon, 99¢; strawberries, 79¢ for a 10-oz. pkg.; and frozen lemonade, 99¢.

July 7, 1966
The lawn of Mr. and Mrs. David Burke was chosen “Lawn of the Month” by judges for the Fairfax Garden Club.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sly were hosts Saturday morning to a group of farmers from Argentina at their Valley View farm west of Fairfax. The 38 visitors are learning about North American agriculture methods.
A modern, fool-proof burglar alarm system was installed in the Exchange Bank last week, according to President Mack Miller.
The Economic Opportunity Program is considering the possibility of establishing classes to train nurses’ aides at Fairfax Community Hospital.