The Importance of Family:
Living up to the standards set by your family members, be it three generations removed or as closely related as brother or sister. How important it is to set a proper example so they aren’t ashamed of you. Having a good character so your children will see the example you set and emulate you as they grow up and have children of their own, and thereby set the same good examples for them.
This can’t be emphasized strongly enough.
We don’t realize how closely we are being watched by our family members, and especially our children. Show them you care about them enough that you only want them to see you in a good light- that means sharing your life with them, showing that they are the most important part of your life, attending church with them, keeping a clean mind, and show you have the strength and will power to refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. The child who is reared in a home where the parents use drugs, smoke and drink, will almost invariable do the same as they mature. After all, who cares enough to see that they don’t. No one.
Morality in the U.S.A. has deteriorated in the past thirty years to the point, where if it continues, and especially at the accelerated rate of the past ten years, we are doomed as a civilized society.
We must bring back shame for miscreants, and punishment befitting the crimes we see people committing today. Allow teachers to use corporal punishment on their sassy little charges. My grammar school had a small paddle on the teacher’s desk, rarely used. It is the only deterrent to wayward behavior by young people. If none has never felt pain, then how can that person understand the pain he inflicts upon other people? And I’m talking here about innocent people, those whose basic rights are violated by thugs who are afraid of no one, especially parents, teachers and the Law.
Yes. We must return to a respect for human rights, and conduct ourselves in a way that our great grand parents would have approved.The sands in the hourglass tell us time is drawing short. Time is a bird and the bird is on the wing.
Doris Estus Gill
Phelan, California