Marcella Wilroy received her first seeing eye dog this past April from Guide Dogs for the Blind in Portland OR. He is a beautiful and smart yellow lab named Weldon. He was raised by a family in Utah, who took him to work with them at a rocket testing facility. After spending his first year with them he was brought back to receive his formal training as a seeing eye dog. Now at just under two years old Weldon knows over 250 commands in English as well as basic obedience commands in Spanish.
Due to Marci’s blindness he is now her eyes when it comes to mobility. He works in straight lines, from curb to curb, stopping for all curbs, stopping for all traffic, leads around obstacles that interfere with safe passage (holes, large cracks, overhead obstacles and terrane changes), he stops for any entry ways as well as a number of other things.
“He is so much better than using a cane. He is my partner and sees for me to make sure we are both safe when traveling.” said Marci
Many have commented on Weldon as he is both smart and beautiful. Please be aware that he is a working dog and he must be able to work for us to travel safely. A few good pointers if you are not familiar with service dogs: Always ask before trying to pet a service dog, as any distraction can be harmful to both partners. Keep your pets on leashes.
“While traveling on Rock Port sidewalks we have had issues with pets running loose and biting and running at us while we are walking. This causes a distraction and can lead to unsafe traveling for me and my partner. said Marci” The safest path may not always be the sidewalks. Please also be aware that due to unsafe or nonexistent sidewalks travel in the street may be necessary.
If you are involved in an organization that would like a demonstration or learn more about Weldon and his work as a seeing eye dogs, please feel free to contact Marci by email at Marci would love sharing and educating others about her partners abilities and skills as a guide dog.