Rapunzel is coming to Tarkio and your child could be in the spotlight! This Rapunzel story takes you on a frivolous frolic through the French countryside: the ogre’s garden in the mushroom patch while the corn and potato spies report back to Madame Gothel, Frenchy and his intense friends, the wood elves, do their best to help. Rapunzel escapes the grasp of Madame Gothel. The lost prince, Rapunzel’s parents, and her friends the unicorns try to help. Just when you think it’s safe to cross the bridge, a troll and Three Billy Goats Gruff get in the way. It doesn’t help that the Three Bears (or is it four) confuse Rapunzel with Goldilocks and chase her through the forest. Add to that the gremlins trying to play tricks on everyone and you have chaos! Well, it’s not that bad because the pixies foil the gremlins’ plans most of the time. In short, Rapunzel and all the rest of the characters tell a silly tale of personal triumph and friendship.
This year’s directors are Monica Domena and Seth Hollen.
Monica is so excited to tour with the Missoula Children’s Theatre! She is a graduate of Central Washington University with a degree in theatre performance. She spent the last year touring the country with Teatro Milagro, performing bilingual shows for all ages. Some of her favorite show credits include “Ariel” in The Tempest; “Payaso” in Sueños de Fùtbol; and “Caroline Bingley” in Pride and Prejudice. She is very grateful to her mother for supporting her in her endeavors.
Seth is thrilled to be touring with the Missoula Children’s Theatre! He is a recent graduate of Central Washington University with a degree in musical theatre. His favorite show credits include “Phantom” in Phantom of the Opera; “Warner” in Legally Blonde; and “Mr. Banks” in Mary Poppins. He would like to thank his family and friends for their never-ending love and support.
Tarkio directors are Casey Martin and Melody Barnett. Tuition for local children to participate is $30 per actor/actress or $40 for two in the same family or $60 for three in the same family (living under the same roof). Scholarships are available too. To register, fill out the registration form that was sent out with area children at school and mail it, along with the check, to the Mule Barn Theatre Guild, 405 S. 11th, or bring it to the Flower Mill, 606 Main Street, Tarkio. For questions call the Tarkio Resource Center office at 660-736-4126 and leave a message. The messages are checked every day.
Rehearsal hours will be held from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided for those who stay for both rehearsals. When your registration form and fee are received, you will receive a letter of information about your week of theater rehearsals and the two performances that follow on Saturday, July 30, 2016.