July 7, 1966- A special interim legislative committee met in Rock Port at the Coach House June 30th to study the need for a pesticide control law in Missouri. The committee made up of both Representatives and Senators from the Missouri Legislature has had several meetings in an effort to determine whether a pesticide law is needed or not, and if one is needed, what it should include.

July 1, 1976– Senator Hardin Cox attended the signing of SB 875, the bill which he guided through the legislature to aid senior citizens and the handicapped with bus transportation in the state of Missouri. Cox said, “It is now our job to see that this program is properly funded in the years to come.”

July 3, 1986– Several scholarships to attend Peru State College will go to economically distressed farmers or their spouses. Area farmers or their spouses aged 25 and up, and whose major occupation for at least 5 consecutive years has been farming, are eligible to apply.

July 4, 1996- The Pints I Tournament was held in Fairfax June 21-23. After playing 6 games, including one at midnight and one that got delayed during a storm watch, Rock Port Blue came home with the third place trophy. Second place went to Fairfax.

June 29, 2006- Brian L. Lee has been named as the new principal for Rock Port High School. Lee is a graduate of the University of Kansas, has thirteen years of teaching experience, most recently teaching social studies at Harrisonville, Missouri.