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Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met Tuesday afternoon, June 28, at my place and no one got lost. It was a perfect 10 day which we deserved after the storm clouds of the prior evening.
Kay Rosenbohm and Sharon Smith substituted for us. Janell McQuinn won high. I couldn’t find her score sheet. I think she took it home to frame it. I won second high being partner to Janell. One hand she bid and I bid higher. We scored 10 points because between us we had all the trumps. Our lucky day, but not so for Norma Bradfield who won low.
We had our share of laughs over a remark about somebody visiting Pennsylvania when a voice popped up and said, “I thought she was going to Philadelphia.” I put the tables close together so I could catch all the erudite conversations.
I was hostess and served a pineapple upside down cake that wasn’t too great. I have an excuse. I had it in the oven when the big storm warning came on TV and immediately forgot all about the cake. I covered it with lots of whipped topping and topped it off with a cherry and a couple of potato chips.
I wanted to share my discovery of Boulder Chips, fried in olive oil, four percent salt, no gluten, no trans fat, no MSG, no cholesterol, and lots of other things that make them a healthy choice. I like chips dipped in whipped topping. Try it!