July 13, 2006
Laurie Yocum began her duties as superintendent secretary for the Fairfax R-3 School District on July 5, 2006. She will also be the bookkeeper for the school district. Karen Burke has been hired to serve as the board’s secretary/treasurer.
OATS, Inc. recently received a new replacement vehicle for Atchison County. The 11-passenger van is a 2006 Ford E-350.
A starling nest, approximately 5’ in length and 4.5’ in height was discovered in the attic of Ron and Trudy Baker’s home in Fairfax.

July 18, 1991
Rev. Robert C. “Bob” Ewens was appointed pastor of the Fairfax United Methodist Church effective June 1. He and his wife, Shelby, have two daughters, Robin and Roshell, and a grandson, John Edger Gilbert IV.
Jill Pyeatt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pyeatt, Fairfax, was awarded the first prize along with the grand prize for her design for a stamp. Her design was displayed at the Fairfax Post Office, and submitted to the national contest.
The Fairfax Fair will be held August 16 and 17. The theme is “Fairfax, A Good Place to Live and Grow.”

July 14, 1966
Candidates for the title “Miss Fairfax” are Rita Oswald, Deanna Bolton, Gail Emrick, Sharon O’Riley, Sandra Wennihan, Renea Smith, Sue Graves, Dinah Younger, Sally Hunter, Judy Schooler, and Jo Etta Kerr. The winner will be crowned at the Community Fair the evening of August 6.
What began as the dream of a small group of conservation-minded men has grown until today a dam is being constructed to create a 25-acre lake in the timber of Brickyard Hill Wildlife Area. It has been named Charity Lake for the simple reason that true charity of a lot of folks is making it possible.
The city of Fairfax has stopped supplying farmers with water during the present heat wave. Mayor Hackett has suggested that residents restrict their use of water to an absolute minimum to prevent a crisis.