The first week of Summer Reading was a great success. Forty-two children came to listen and learn at the Library on Tuesday, July 5 and Thursday, July 7.
Do you know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie? What does a pigeon do with a hot dog? Do animals have favorite snacks? Eleven little ones learned the answers to these questions when they met with Jennifer Vogler. The children heard four wonderful stories: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff, Mooncake by Frank Asch, Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog by Mo Willem and Animal Snackers by Betsy Lewin. After story time they used marshmallows, spaghetti and tooth picks to build some of their favorite animals, and they assembled some snack mix for a take home treat. Karabella Hernandez is assisting with this group.
Tiffanie Gaines and Malisa Linthicum entertained twenty exuberant children age 5 and 6. The kids enjoyed hearing Stand Straight Ella Kate, The True Story Of A Real Giant by Kate Klise. Ella Kate Ewing was born in 1872 in Rainbow, Mo. She grew to be eight feet four inches tall. The kids had great fun getting measured and being compared to Ella’s 8 feet 4 inch mark on the wall. The kids got to compare their shoes to a size 13 shoe which is the size Ella wore when she was a girl. The adult Ella wore a size 24 show and glove. Each child compared the size of their hands to a paper copy of that size glove. The group also discussed some differences in the time of Ella’s childhood and their own. They were especially interested in transportation (no cars or airplanes) and toys of the time. They played with checkers, marbles, jacks and paper dolls. They learned a little Missouri geography comparing the location of Rainbow, which no longer exists, and Rock Port. Juleighanne Adams is assisting with this group.
Trudy Heitman hosted both the first and second grade readers and the third and fourth grade group on Thursday morning. The subject of the day was the Olympics. The kids were excited to learn about the history of the Olympics. Trudy read excerpts from Exploring Ancients Civilizations: Greece by Tracy A. Schofield. The Olympic Torch became the focus of discussion. They talked about the journey of the torch this summer, 2016, from Olympia Greece to Rio de Janiero, Brazil for this year’s Summer Games. They were also introduced to Vinicius the colorful mascot of the 2016 Summer Games. The kids constructed Olympic torches to take home. The program closed with Ms. Heitman reading a few chapters of Hour Of The Olympics by Mary Pope Osborne. Miss Adams is also assisting with these groups.