The first story of Tarzan appeared in written form in 1912. It is quite amazing this legend continues to swing into the lives of each new generation, always with something new to offer. This years “The Legend of Tarzan” doesn’t disappoint.
Alexander Skarsgard is perfectly cast, and not only in the eye candy department. This guy can act. Margot Robbie is fantastic as Jane as well. Samuel L. Jackson’s character was a clever addition to the cast and kept things light with some well written one liners.
But it was Christoph Waltz as the evil Leon Rom who was a bit disappointing. He has been cast as the “bad guy” so often lately, that we had him figured out the minute he walked onto the screen.
The CGI animal work is spectacular – even more so if you are lucky enough to catch this in 3D iMax, which we did.
Fun for the whole family – there is violence, but without all the blood and core.
The Legend of Tarzan is Rated PG-13
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