On June 1, 2016, Barry Jurgensen, a history teacher at Arlington Public Schools in Nebraska, began walking 500 miles from Nebraska City to Chicago, IL to raise money to fight sex and labor trafficking. He is recreating the journey of Eliza Grayson and Celia, formerly enslaved Americans, who escaped slavery on November 26, 1858. His goal was to raise $50 per mile of the journey. Proceeds are to be donated to the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI) a public charity dedicated to fighting against human trafficking through educational initiatives in schools and communities. History shows that to fight against injustice, people have to come together across all barriers and stand up for the rights of others. Please join Barry and FDFI in using the framework of history to take a stand against one of the greatest moral dilemmas of our day, human trafficking.
YOU can become a modern day abolitionist. Barry completed his 527 mile walk in 32 days to raise awareness about modern day slavery and the history of the Underground Railroad.