By Kay Gibson

The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Teresa & Jim Hickok, Anita Armstrong, Holly Holmes, and Linda Viets attending. They each worked on their own quilting projects that night.


I dreamed I’d gone to Heaven
Had an easy chair long side the shore.
I said, “Lord, I’m used to being busy.
I’d much rather have a chore.”

He smiled at me sweetly
And says, “I beg your pardon,
How would you like a job
Tending to my flower garden?”

Such beauty I’d never seen
And oh, such mighty powers.
I didn’t realize the rainbow was made
Of rows of colorful flowers.

I was in awe of such a sight,
But I didn’t see the needs.
They were misted by the rain
And Heaven has no weeds.

“What is it you want me to do
Cause I am willing and able.”
He said, “Pick some bouquets
And place them on all the tables.’

Oh, how happy I was
Oh, the love that poured.
I couldn’t have a better job
Than picking flowers for the Lord.